Inheritance Tax Planning

Tax treatment varies according  to individual circumstances and is subject to change

Without doubt one of the most important areas of financial planning and certainly one of the most complex. Our expert advisors can help you understand the rules and regulations and ensure you preserve your wealth for your family.

The impact of Inheritance Tax has been creeping up on us for several years. It is a great irony that for the majority of us, our estates have been built up from taxed income, very often at higher rates of tax at 40% or more. Then the Government aims to tax our estates further, much of it at rates of another 40%.

Every year, many thousands of estates are hit by an Inheritance Tax bill, and the number affected has been increasing very significantly. This has been driven by two key factors:

  • The threshold for Inheritance Tax liability has been frozen at £325,000 for several years
  • The value of properties and other assets have grown significantly following the financial crisis

Many people are unaware of the constantly changing rules with regards to passing on pensions, often a person’s second most valuable asset

Yet, with the right planning, a large amount of Inheritance Tax can legally be avoided. At Touchstone we believe that the right planning could be the most valuable gift that you ever give to your children and other heirs.

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