Pension Planning

Over your working life, you may have a number of pensions after switching between companies and careers. Multiple pensions can often be quite a headache as you approach retirement age.

With just one pension it could be much easier to access the money you’ve built up when you decide to start planning for your retirement. In the majority of cases you will normally be able to access your pension funds from age 55. With your Touchstone Pension Adviser you’ll be able to monitor your pension from your phone or laptop.

What should I consider before switching a pension?

Before you make a decision about your pension, here at Touchstone we can help you gather all the information about your old pensions so you can make the most informed decision to suit your needs.

Switching a pension is not right for everyone. It is a complex decision and you need to consider the charges, fund ranges, any valuable benefits that could be lost and any tax implications. We provide unbiased and independent advice to help you make the most of your pension plan.

Pension Review

At Touchstone we offer a free consultation with regards to any pension you have. We can help you make the best choice when reviewing your pensions and if required we work with pension transfer specialists to get the best advice for you.

It is important to speak with a pension transfer professional when reviewing your pensions so get in touch today and hear from one of our qualified team.

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The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.